Graham Cleland Q&A

Graham_ClelandWhy do you think the offsite sector is so important to the future of the construction industry? 

Productivity in construction has remained static for a generation so it seems appropriate to question the leadership of the major players in the sector and ask whether decision making has historically been overly focused on short term trading results which have been prioritised over longer term capability and legacy. The issue gives rise to the question of how leaders need to think about the future of the sector and how offsite can help address current tensions?

Do you think that MEP is the future of the offsite industry and, if so, why?

By itself, offsite MEP solutions only represent a part of the answer to the challenges in construction and leaders need to think more broadly about how projects are delivered as well as what is delivered, Supply-side investment is on the increase so capability / capacity is a moving feast with more players entering the volumetric / modular / panellised / prefabrication space and the intention is to ensure that such investment generates acceptable levels of return.  For offsite MEP solutions in particular though, many projects that are undertaken have M&E on their critical path so opportunities to streamline the process of delivery, keep operatives away from site, reduce testing / commissioning times clearly have appeal.

Why do you think members of the industry need to attend Explore Offsite at Ecobuild? 

Quite simply because the manner in which the industry has operated for many years reflects a broken model, and the financial reward is typically thin. When compared to the likes of manufacturing, which has witnessed a doubling of productivity over the last 20 years, the construction sector represents a poor relation and the time has arrived to tackle the deep-rooted issues that inhibit the journey to world class performance.

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