Andrew Carpenter - Q&A

Andrew_CarpenterWhy do you think the offsite sector is so important to the future of the construction industry? 

The offsite industry is important for a number of vital reasons. As far as the housing sector is concerned, factory-built homes can help to optimise quality, productivity and predictability. This innovative method of construction is the only way we can significantly build at scale and at a rapid pace to meet demand.

At a time when the construction sector has a skills shortfall, attracting new talent to our industry is vital. Improving the image of our industry to enhance perceptions will play a critical role. Taking many of the construction processes offsite into controlled factory environments that require technical skillsets, will improve the way we are perceived -  particularly with younger people. 

Offsite manufacture for onsite installation considerably reduces the reliance on traditional skills and the amount of onsite personnel requires – helping to overcome the skills shortages.

Do you think that structural timber is the future of the offsite industry and, if so, why? 

Again, there are multiple reasons why structural timber will be one of the main solutions used in offsite systems portfolio, with carbon credentials and energy performance being one of the most important. 

As the most sustainable and renewable of structural solutions, timber is significant, however when it comes to improved quality and energy efficiency credentials, engineered timber solutions such as structural insulated panels, cross laminated timber and closed panel timber frame with factory fitted insulation – develop high performance building envelopes, vastly reducing energy costs across the life of the building. Important not only to homeowners but also hospitals, schools and commercial buildings.

Why do you think members of the industry need to attend Explore Offsite at Ecobuild?

Explore Offsite will underpin Ecobuild’s sustainable credentials and position the event firmly at the forefront of offsite innovation, giving the event renewed impetus and the lift it needs to attract more delegates. 

If you would like to listen to Andrew speak in the structural timber session at Explore Offsite at Ecobuild, taking place on the 8 March, CLICK HERE to book your free place.