Nick Milestone - Q&A

Nick_MilestoneWhy do you think the offsite sector is so important to the future of the construction industry? 

Offsite is a game-changer for the construction industry. For decades, the lack of productivity and innovation within the sector has been debated. All parties agree we need to develop better buildings at a rapid but until recently, there has been no clear resolution. Offsite manufacture for onsite installation provides the solution to address quality, performance and productivity issues. Enhanced production processes combined with strict quality controls in well-managed factories, deliver predictability. By taking full advantage of offsite manufacturing techniques – structures can be optimised in term of speed, cost, sustainability and performance.  

Which offsite technology do you think will have the biggest impact on the construction industry in the future and why?

We do not take a ‘one system fits all’ approach, at B & K Structures we deliver hybrid structures using a combination of cross laminated timber, glue laminated timber, timber cassettes, structural insulated panel systems, timber cassettes and steel. Selecting the right combination of structural systems to optimise the building in terms of speed, cost and performance. 

I think collectively, engineer timber systems will have the greatest impact on the future of the construction industry. As the most renewable and sustainable building material, new innovations in timber technology offer both cost and performance predictability, delivering high performance structures – reducing ongoing energy costs for the lifecycle of the building.

Why do you think members of the industry need to attend Explore Offsite at Ecobuild? 

Explore Offsite at Ecobuild is an excellent opportunity for construction professionals to hear direct from industry pioneers about the latest innovations in offsite technology and get involved in the conversation. We see this event as a great opportunity to build relationships, or should I say, partnerships and Explore Offsite provides the perfect platform.

If you would like to listen to Nick speak in the hybrid session at Explore Offsite at Ecobuild, taking place on the 8 March, CLICK HERE to book your free place.