Rory Bergin - Q&A

Rory_BerginWhy do you think the offsite sector is so important to the future of the construction industry? 

We are facing a continued shortfall in the delivery of new homes, a shortage of skills and a lack of quality in the final product. The growing offsite sector can help to solve all three problems by using factory based labour and R&D to improve productivity and quality. 

Do you think that volumetric modular is the future of the offsite industry and, if so, why?

Delivering fully-finished volumetric modules to site solves a host of problems with the finished quality of new buildings, clients can achieve better finishes, with far fewer onsite problems that need to be corrected after completion. The buildings can be delivered twice as quickly as traditional construction which makes an enormous difference to the funding of the project. 

Why do you think members of the industry need to attend Explore Offsite at Ecobuild? 

It is important that the industry moves forward together, offering common services and approaches to new development. Clients need to know that there is an industry that is in agreement about how to do things and not a series of cottage industries competing with each other. To grow the sector, we need to standardise our approaches and collaborate instead of competing.

If you would like to listen to Rory speak in the volumetric modular session at Explore Offsite at Ecobuild, taking place on the 7 March, CLICK HERE to book your free place.