John Skivington - Q&A

Why do you think the offsite sector is so important to the future of the construction industry?  


Offsite construction provides the opportunity to improve efficiency, quality and sustainability outcomes of construction projects. Managed correctly, offsite can be more-cost effective, with higher levels of build quality and higher levels of energy efficiency. It also helps to overcome some of the barriers to good construction - most notably labour but also some materials. I believe the volume of construction required over the next ten years can only be achieved by changing the way we build now, including the incorporation of offsite solutions

Do you think that volumetric modular is the future of the offsite industry and, if so, why? 

Offsite is only one of many innovative solutions required in the construction industry and volumetric is only one of the range of offsite solutions. Of all the offsite solutions, volumetric modular has the potential to maximise the benefits noted above, but with volumetric only being suitable for certain construction conditions it is not the panacea for the construction industry or the offsite industry. Volumetric solutions challenge the current processes and practices of construction and so are more difficult to implement but as the industry moves along the volumetric learning curve it will become more widely used.

Why do you think members of the industry need to attend Explore Offsite at Ecobuild?  

Offsite can help to overcome many of the challenges facing our industry today so anybody involved in construction needs to gain a greater understanding of these solutions. Therefore it is important that, as an industry, we are able to identify the most effective methods of construction and understand the conditions for optimising resources.

If you would like to listen to John speak in the volumetric modular session at Explore Offsite at Ecobuild, taking place on the 7 March, CLICK HERE to book your free place.