Kadine James - 3D Tech Lead - Hobs Studios

Topic Title: Using 3D technology and innovation across the built environment 

Learner, maker, innovator & 3D technology enthusiast, Kadine James is Hobs studios 3D Tech Lead ,and is a prominent UK3DTech and Women in 3D Tech Evangelist. Combining 5+ years’ experience in VR, AR, 3D and 3D printing, she’s driven by big ideas, a global mindset & empowering the use of 3D technology in construction and architecture. Kadine is – especially committed to the next generation #VRartists/gamers on both the technical and creative side. She is also collaborating with leading VRartists / architects. Kadine is an advocate and thought-leader for the UK's immersive and disruptive tech industry through her work Digital Catapult and Innovate UK, UKVRAR Tech London Advocates and The Realities Centre. As a Tech Ambassador and mentor for STEMETTES and digital inclusion and diversity consultant, she sets out to create a platform for 3DTech learning opportunities for students to get involved with 3DTech in central London at Hobs studios hub and incubator for thought leadership in the wider 3DPrint/VR/AR built environment industry.