Gwen Beeken

Osco Homes

Subject: Offsite homes – more than a solution the housing shortage?
Speaking at: 2020 Offsite

Gwen left university with an engineering degree and started her career in boat building, working in Devonport Royal Dockyard, eventually managing the small craft production facility. On moving to the north west she transferred into construction. Starting in high speed retail and then contracting, delivering office parks and schools, Gwen undertook a variety of roles in programme, site, project and contract management. Having worked all over the UK, in 2008 Gwen joined Procure Plus, a not-for-profit regeneration company, delivering construction frameworks for social housing providers. The company has grown significantly and now as Managing Director, Gwen is now responsible for ensuring its continuing success. In 2015 this included the establishment of Osco Homes, an offsite manufacture and main contractor, delivering technology led, people focused and quality controlled housing at an affordable cost. Osco is an NHBC builder, delivering affordable and private sale homes using it’s externally complete panelised system.

Speaking on day one of 2020 Offsite Housing Gwen will explore how offsite is often discussed in numbers; volume, cost, time, but what is the opportunity beyond this?

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